Which background should you choose for your product images


A picture is worth a thousand words.  You only get one chance to make a lasting impression!  Well those proverbs also hold true for your product images when it comes to your website, portfolio, linesheet or lookbook. 

So which background should you choose for your product images?  We suggest using a white background first and here’s why:

Why you need white background photos:

When working with blogs, magazines and sending your images to other websites, it is usually required to have your images on a white background

  • It makes easier for them to have consistent photos otherwise they would spend most of their time cleaning and retouching images!

No distractions

  • What you see is what you get!
  • Super clean-it is all about the product
  • A potential customer can’t be distracted by the background or props

Why Choose Color Photos or Images:

You are trying to tell a story through your photos or images

  • For example if you are selling dresses, a colorful photo can evoke emotion. Think a cheery, fun print or pattern.

They make it easy to go viral

  • Who doesn’t want to see a beautiful product image or photo shared on a blog, Instagram feed, Facebook post, Pinterest board or Twitter stream?
  • Colorful photos grab people’s attention and in turn share with their friends

They can help put the item in proportion or scale the item

  • Your customers have a better idea for how big or small your item is. Think of a handbag and how large/small it is and how it would look if you wore it on your shoulder.
  • If you do have props in the background it can bring scale to the product you are selling!